Border Security

Historically speaking, there is no disputing that immigration has been the instrument of building this great nation. The engineering brought by Germany to America was vital in constructing many aspects of our country. The incredible diets brought by Italy, France, Mexico, China, and so many more have enriched our lives with flavors we might have never known otherwise.

These nations and many more have brought science, art, architecture, math, and all the aspects needed to build what is nearly undebatably the greatest country the world has ever known.

America’s explosion onto the world stage came in the late 19th and early 20th century when millions of immigrants passed through Ellis Island in New York. These immigrants brought something to offer America regarding crafts, trades, talents, and a deep rooted desire to love, support, and become an American. Due to partisan politics, what is happening today on our Southern Border can only be described as an invasion. While many of these migrants are coming to our country for respectable purposes, many are coming for illicit reasons. Human trafficking is skyrocketing, and the importation of illegal drugs is mushrooming at an alarming rate, not to mention terrorists crossing into our nation undetected.

As your next Congressman, I will align with other Congressional members who seek to stop this horrific human tragedy from continuing. This must stop immediately, and I will fight to see that it ends.


For all of the United States’ incredible achievements over the decades, arguably the most important topic we seem to be lagging on is the subject of the education of our young people. While America is consistently ranked number one overall globally, when looking deeper into the numbers, we find that we are ranked 38 th in mathematics and 27th in science. We only achieve the rank of 1 st because of our collegiate availability. In Michigan, for example, most of our high school graduates can only read at a 5th – grade level. This is reprehensible and must be corrected. With the United States Department of Education (DOE) now demanding that States invoke Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other WOKE subjects, it is time to return our education to the States where it belongs.

As your next Congressional Representative, I pledge to write legislation (or Co-Sponsor in my first term) to defund and shut down the DOE and return all education administration to the States where it belongs. Federal bureaucrats cannot educate our children in Michigan better than Michiganders.


Recalling the movie (Inconvenient Truth) made by former Vice-President Al Gore, Miami, Florida, was supposed to be already “under-water.” The Dolphins are still playing football, and sun-bathers are still lying on the beaches of this sun-drenched paradise.

Greenland still has their many glaciers, as does Alaska. No polar bears have drowned because they could not find a patch of ice to sit on. And the sea levels have not risen in thousands of years. What has happened regarding “Global Warming err; Climate Change” is; General Electric has earned record profits from the sales of ‘climate-friendly light bulbs.’ Warren Buffett has made record profits from the construction (mostly paid for by the government) of unsightly windmills visually polluting America’s landscapes. Not to mention he owns the railroads which haul crude oil to the refineries instead of sending it via a pipeline.

We all want clean air and water, and most people want to live in a healthy environment; everyone can agree on this.

The Climate Change activists would have you believe the recent hurricane “IAN” was caused by climate change, primarily because of its strength. Ian doesn’t even rank in the top 5 for the worst storms to enter the Gulf of Mexico in the past 100 years. The hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas, in 1900 was far worse than Ian, and not as strong as Andrew, Camille (that hit Mississippi in the 1960s), and many more.

The Leftists ‘Climate Change Warriors want you to believe this lie because of the “cash” being earned from government grants for Climate Change in the first place.

Until we can develop efficient “cost-effective” methods of supplying “enough” energy for our industrial base, homes, vehicles, and all our needs, we need to open back up our oil fields, gas fields and entire energy grid.

This administraton is choking off our ability to compete globally, not to mention the costs of this insanity to the average American home.

The Second Amendment

Few things in life are carved in stone. The Second Amendment in our beloved Constitution and Bill of Rights happens to be one of those things which is “carved in stone.”

The Second Amendment is clearly written for all to understand.
“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Over a quarter of a century ago, I raised my hand (swearing into the United States Army) and swore an oath to the United States and our Constitution. In that oath, I vowed to protect our nation and Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

That oath did not have an expiration date. As your next United States Congressman, I will again raise my hand and recite the same commitment. I am proud to do so and defend this Amendment as well as all the others.


August 15, 1971, is another day that will live in infamy for the United States of America. This little-known date has quietly been the day that changed America’s economic system forever. On August 15, 1971, then-President Richard Nixon signed an Executive Order which removed the United States dollar from the gold standard. The reasoning was; to curb inflation and prevent foreign nations from overburdening the system by redeeming their dollars for gold. What is the US dollar backed by now? In contrast to commodity-based money like gold coins or paper bills redeemable for precious metals, fiat money is backed entirely by the full faith and trust in the government that issued it. When former President George W. Bush left the White House, our nation’s debt stood at a little over $9 Trillion. When former President Barack Obama retired as our Chief Executive, our debt had risen to a bit over $19 Trillion. After former President Donald Trump and the first two years of President Joe Biden, we now have accumilated in excess of $31 Trillion in national debt, and it is still rising. Most politicians will give you the excuse that our nation’s debt is due to fighting terrorism in the Middle East. Today they will tell you that the COVID Pandemic caused a massive rise in our debt. The truth is our nation’s leaders do not care as much about our nation’s checkbook as they do their own personal spending. They

are spending others people’s money without repercussions, and they have an unlimited credit card to do so. You know, and I know that ultimately our nation’s credit card will max out, and we will hit that financial brick wall. It is inevitable. All candidates will campaign on “we must balance our budget,” but the truth is, nobody knows how to do it, and then nobody is willing to cut any “sacred cows” from the budget. Curtis Clark knows how to balance our nation’s budget! These three items will turn the tide, balance our budget, and allow America to begin paying off our debt. By doing these three items, our nation will prosper beyond anything we could imagine.

  •  Limit lobbying by the “Military Industrial Complex, Insurance Industry, Medical Industry, and Foreign Governments.”
  • Write legislation that forbids our government from operating under “Continuing Resolutions” and forces us to go back to an annual budget.
  • Write legislation that implements a system titled “Lean- Six-Sigma.”

Lean-Six-Sigma is a management approach and method that endeavors to eliminate any wasteful use of resources plus defects in production processes so as to improve employee and company performance. An example of implementing Lean-Six-Sigma would be to “Defund and Eradicate” the Department of Education. This agency is not only Constitutionally illegal but is wholly duplicated as every state has a Department of Education. So why is the

United States spending upwards of $70 Billion annually for the DOE? The fact is, the DOE is there because it was former President Carter’s way of paying off the Teacher’s Unions for their support in the 1976 election. It serves no purpose other than to funnal money back to the teachers at the taxpayer’s expense. As your next United States Congressman, Curtis Clark pledges to write legislation to have Lean-Six-Sigma audit every agency in our government and the Pentagon. According to Lean-Six-Sigma experts, this would cut our nation’s spending by $1 Trillion annually and balance our budget without cutting any social safety nets for our seniors or indigent.