About Curtis

Curtis Clark was born in Holland, MI in 1965. A first generation immigrant on his mother’s side, whose family moved from England in 1953.

As a highly motivated youth with a strong work ethic, started his own lawn care service as a teen, and worked co-op in highschool making glasses for the local optometrist. He joined the USArmy while still a senior, 1983.

His service in the military changed his life forever, excelling at five of the most demanding schools, spanning his 25 year career.

The first half in the medical field as a medic and pharmacy technician, and advanced bio-medical equipment maintenance and repair.

The last half, from video documentation, public affairs, to broadcast engineering, at the same time, working as a Platoon Sargent.

Before retiring in 2006, he was the Senior Broadcast Engineer for AFN IRAQ, 2004-2005.
After completing his military service, he married his wife of 14 years and has been raising a family.

Curtis is not only a 25 year veteran and family man, but grew a strong interest in getting involved in local politics.

In 2020 he was elected as a Precinct Delegate, and has given back to his community by contributing to many local events, bringing his many years of experience and training to form Patriot Approved Media.

Curtis is a Patriot who loves his country and sees America as a beacon of light and hope. He has seen the American Dream become out of reach for too many due to rising inflation, rising taxes, increased crime, poor education, erosion of freedoms and stagnating regulations that hurt small business growth.

It is for these reasons, that Curtis has decided to run for United States Congress, to challenge the establishment and fight for hard working Americans.